Gryphon Studios

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mobile #1:              +350 58009526
mobile #2:              +44 7585 372146

I was given my first camera when I was ten, a simple box camera using 120 film, I moved up to a Kodak Instamatic then at the age of 17 I took the advice of a family friend, the late Chris Montegriffo – at the time the Gibraltar Tourist Office official photographer – and bought my first SLR, a Pentax KM with a 50mm f1.4 lens, one of the first in Gibraltar.  I accompanied Chris to weddings where I would be second camera taking the colour shots whilst he took B&W on his Rolleiflex; I learned a lot from this great man!

I went on to do children's photo-shoots during the late 70s and early 80s, as well as a lot of travel, artistic and sports photography.  Then it all stopped...only holiday pictures, and family events, however the artistic and travel photography never went away.
Fast forward to today where I re-awakened the beast and am once again tavailable for any photography work. Check out my portfolio page where you can see some examples of my work  and view pictures of my travels. If you need a photograph – or a whole photoshoot – send me an e-mail or give me a call so we can chat about what you would like.

Over the years I have taken photos of babies, toddlers, children young and old, teenagers, adults, siblings, couples, pets - anything! I also do sports, events, parties, fashion and other photography.